Gretchen Dominguez, President of d Constructed, understands that nothing is more special and personal than her client’s home. Gretchen’s clients don’t have the time or expertise to manage and oversee their project. She delivers white-glove services to provide an inspiring, stress-free building or renovation experience. d Constructed’s projects include new construction and renovations of single-family homes, townhouses and condominiums, as well as troubled project takeovers. Gretchen ensures her client’s control over the project’s scope, cost and schedule while ensuring that the project is built to the highest safety and quality standards. She will streamline information and decision-making in the design and construction process to reduce mistakes and time which results in reduced costs and improves quality.

Gretchen’s tenure in the industry helps her to assemble a successful team including the architect, interior designer, contractor, landscape architect, as well as a number of other consultants, tailored to the client’s needs. From ensuring installation methods are properly executed by the contractor and subcontractors to reviewing pay applications, she also monitors notice to owner for the lien process as well as communicates with neighbors and building management throughout the construction process. Gretchen’s punch process is rigorous. While close attention to detail is paid during construction, she is demanding and meticulous before a project is ready for the owners.

Gretchen has a number of clients that are lead to her for troubled project takeovers. While unfortunate, when a project is derailed, clients hire Gretchen to get the project back on track.

Gretchen began her construction career in single-family homes. She has spent the past 11 years in luxury multi-family new construction and renovation. Gretchen founded d Constructed so she could better control the outcome of the construction process and give her clients the satisfaction and peace of mind they are deserve.


My clients are busy people building or remodeling condominiums and single-family homes. I am the advocate for the Owner and communicator between the design and construction professionals which streamlines information and reduces mistakes and costs. I work with the Owner to create and manage the home-building team. My goal is to achieve the client’s vision in architecture, construction and design. My services can be customized to meet each individual client's needs. Contact me to discuss your project and learn more about how I can be of service.

  • Confirm owner goals
  • Assist with assembling design team, contractors and consultants
  • Review owner contractor agreement
  • Assist with budgets and preconstruction estimating
  • Review general contractors’ subcontractor bids, General Conditions estimate, allowances, construction schedule Review permit set of drawings and specifications for potential conflicts, omissions and cost savings suggestions
  • Permit management
  • Attend Owner - Architect - Contractor meetings
  • Attend Contractor - Subcontractor meetings
  • Write and disburse meeting agendas and take minutes for dissemination
  • Manage and control Change Orders, RFIs and Submittals
  • Participate in value engineering efforts
  • Procurement
  • Evaluate applications for payment
  • Oversee project and report to owner
  • Ensure mock-ups are executed in a timely fashion
  • Inspect all work for quality control
  • Organize and catalog as-built photos
  • Ensure all closeout documents and attic stock items are provided
  • Create final punch lists
  • Monitor progress of work against punch-lists
  • Closeout management

Specifications and Selections available in:

  • Kitchen layout and design
  • Furniture and space planning
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Counter-tops
  • Cabinetry layout and design
  • Electrical layout and fixture selection
  • Cabinet and Door Hardware
  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Interior & Exterior Trim


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